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The modular software of PMWeb improved transparency of property management at Carl Zeiss

About PMWeb and Carl Zeiss

PMWeb: PMWeb is a leading software company specializing in project and portfolio management for the construction and real estate sectors. Their comprehensive software solutions offer a wide range of tools to efficiently manage projects, streamline processes, and increase transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of real estate projects.

Carl Zeiss: Founded in 1846, Carl Zeiss is a German technology company globally renowned for its leading expertise in optics, optoelectronics, and high-quality technology. They specialize in innovative optical products such as microscopes, lenses, and cameras, which are widely applied in the medical, scientific, and industrial sectors, where precision and quality are crucial.

The Problem

Carl Zeiss was dealing with a fragmented project management landscape, using different tools and systems for their projects and asset management. This led to issues with collaboration, data consistency, and efficiency. They needed an integrated Project Portfolio Management tool to manage their projects and assets effectively.

The Goals

The main goal of implementing PMWeb was to enhance the Corporate Real Estate Management process of Carl Zeiss. The company aims to:

  • Create a harmonized brand experience in real estate, with transparency and data management related to needs, efforts, costs, space, and service.
  • Enable faster decision-making based on defined gates within a matrix organization.
  • Optimize the costs and services related to real estate.

The Challenges

The implementation of PMWeb involved replacing multiple tools and systems that were previously used. They had to ensure that PMWeb could be integrated with their existing business systems, such as SAP, and that their operational processes could be seamlessly captured in PMWeb workflows and stage gates.

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Want to know more about the results Carl Zeiss achieved following this successful project? Check out the case study, which elaborates further on this topic, including practical examples that you can also benefit from!

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