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Does project planning feel like a guessing game?

Are you tired of making big decisions with little data? It’s time to address these challenges with strategies that really work.

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Join the project controls experts from Primaned for an exclusive 30 minute online workshop that introduces you to an alternative approach to your tried-and-tested integrated planning method. If you’re looking to create more consistent, more predictable, and more precise project outcomes to boost your reputation and generate new opportunities, this webinar provides a push in the right direction. 

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The Manager Projects Series: 

Implementing an Integral Project Controls Solution to Align Your People, Processes and Tools

This webinar addresses one of the most common issues that project managers are experiencing today - departmental silos that generate fragmented data sets - and introduces a new solution that will help you to bring your people, your processes, and your tools together to ensure all resources are contributing towards a shared goal. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • The biggest challenges facing project managers and their teams this year
  • The growing importance of consistency and predictability in project outcomes
  • Facilitating consistency by swapping from integrated to integral planning 
  • Improving data quality through integral project control solutions
  • The organisational benefits of adopting an integral planning framework
  • The role of integral planning solutions in building a culture of alignment
  • The critical nature of organisational alignment in achieving top results
  • Presenting the need for transformational change to the c-suite

If you’re searching for answers to questions such as ‘how can I get everyone working with the same data?’ or ‘how can I make smarter decisions that drive my project forwards?’ then don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from the experts. 

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