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Struggling to keep up with the changes taking place in the world of project planning?

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You’re not alone. 

Project planning is playing an increasingly vital role in business success, and Heads of Project Planning need to be prepared to elevate their teams to drive amazing results. 

But implementing change isn’t always easy. Especially when your team already has their own preferred processes and procedures. But we’re here to help you adapt. Easily.

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The Head of Project Planning Series:
The Project Manager’s Guide to Training Project Planners

Inside, you’ll find helpful advice from Primaned Academy experts about…

  • The changing role of project planners
  • The required skills of a successful modern planning team
  • Hiring graduates and expanding your team in a competitive landscape
  • People-centricity and supporting your team’s growth and development
  • The need to change and adapt to remain competitive in the new normal
  • The importance of training your team to develop their skills
  • The shift from fragmented planning to standardised project controls
  • Embracing digital transformation and utilising project planning software
  • The benefits of standardisation and collaboration in planning
  • Developing your own training strategy
  • Identifying the best training opportunities for your team

You’ll learn more about developing standardised processes by implementing project controls, and really make the most of your valuable data using
top-rated software.

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